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- Coverage of ceremony only
- Includes 2 DVD copies in personalized cases
- Basic Package plus:
- Coverage of photo session
- Three hours at reception
- Includes 3 DVD copies

All our packages include the following: 

- Two cameras, two operators
- Attendance at rehearsal
- Wireless audio on groom, officiant and music source
- Filmed in full 1920x1080 high definition
- Edited with Final Cut Pro- Includes titles, chapters, music and transitions, and wedding party "credits" at end of video.
- DVDs provided in Hollywood-style cases, with photo of bride and groom on cover, and  wedding party listed on back
- Professionally designed label printed on DVD

  Additional Services  

- Love Story based on interviews with bride and groom
- Photo/Video Montage
- Blu-ray option
- Rehearsal dinner video, wireless mic on speakers
- Wedding montage Web Clip
- Additional videography coverage
- Additional DVDs
- Wedding “Thank You” videos for guests

Contact us for more pricing 

Videography Service PDF Print E-mail

Real Image Productions is experienced in filming a wide variety of events, including concerts, weddings, training sessions, commercials/infomercials, documentaries, and many other events. Some of our customers include the Albuquerque Youth Symphony Program, Lovelace Health Systems, Macy's, Nordstrom's, The American Institute of Mathematics, Performers Ballet & Jazz, Interstate Batteries, FitFundamentals, Arnold Law Firm, Defiant Technologies, numerous brides and their families, and many individuals seeking personalized video products.

We pride ourselves in our meticulous attention to every detail and our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Consider using our services for the following events:

  • Aerial Photography
  • Quinceañera Celebrations
  • Real Estate Video Walkthroughs
  • Training Sessions
  • Dance Recitals
  • Promotional Videos
  • Banquet/Dinner Parties
  • PR/Marketing Events
  • Corporate Functions
  • Conferences and Conventions
  • Lecture/Speaker
  • Birthdays
  • Concerts

 And any function or event for which you want to capture memorable moments.

*Se habla Español*


• $300 per hour of coverage for two cameras and two operators, with full complement of audio and lighting equipment.
• $200 per hour of coverage for 1 camera.
• Includes all pre-production coordination and planning and all editing.


We use high-quality 3 CCD video cameras, a full complement of professional audio equipment, and an assortment of lighting gear.  We film all our events in full 1920x1080 HD.  Unlike HDV, this provides a full-color spectrum with a true wide-screen view.  All of our videos are available in standard definition on professional grade printable DVD's, or in high-definition on Blu-ray discs.  We use state-of-the-art equipment operated by talented videographers and detail oriented post-production staff.

Our video editing is done using Apple’s Final Cut Pro, and includes chapter menus, titles, transitions, music and optional voice-over.  Samples of our work can bee seen at our Real Image Productions Channel on Vimeo.

Aerial Photography/Videography PDF Print E-mail

Today's technology allows almost anyone to create a video.  Now you can take your web page to the next level!  Rise up above your competitors by displaying aerial footage of your business using Real Image Productions and their affordable drone videography capabilities.  Instead of viewing your business from a mundane parking lot, you can now obtain aerial viewpoints providing new and unique ways to highlight your business location.  There is nothing like an aerial shot from a unique viewpoint to capture and hold a viewer's interest.  If you would like to learn more about how drone video can enhance your business' profile and add some exciting video views to your company's website or advertising, contact us today.  We can show you how we blend aerial video with street-level video and interior footage to give your business a whole new image - a Real Image!

The videos below are of Albuquerque neighborhoods.

Real Estate Videos PDF Print E-mail

Selling your house? Are you doing everything to give yourself a competitive advantage to reach potential buyers? Would you like to be able to show your home at its best 24/7?

Real Image Productions offers the next phase in maximizing the presentation of your home on the internet.

A Video Walkthrough is a professionally shot and edited movie of your home and property. Unlike a group of photos or a photo virtual tour, the Video Walkthrough takes you through the home room by room, allowing you to see not only the room size, construction and decoration details, but also the relationship between each room. For many potential buyers, the house layout is possibly the most crucial consideration in finding a suitable home, and a floor plan is difficult for many people to visualize. See below for a sample of our Video Walkthroughs.

A Video Walkthrough posted alongside your home description will enable potential buyers to immediately experience the ambience and layout of your home, and persuade them to visit the property.

Recent research shows that consumers prefer video 6 to 1 to still photos, and that video currently comprises 32% of all internet activity. No wonder video consumption increased 46% in 2008 and 124% in 2009, registering 33.2 billion views in December 2009 alone. This is an opportunity to set your home apart from the many others on the market, and will effectively allow people to experience your home (and possibly their new home) any time of day or night.

A Video Walkthrough is typically 3 to 5 minutes in length; not too long to lose your customers' interest but long enough to get the feel of the property. Audio narration or music can be added to the video to enhance the impact. Digital still photos can be interspersed with the moving footage when it can provide added impact or information.

Video Walkthrough prices start at $250 for a 1700 square foot home, and includes views of the front, backyard, entry and garage. The finished product includes opening and closing titles and custom music. Half of the payment is due on the day of filming; the remainder is due at closing, conserving your cash flow during what can be a financially difficult time.  Contact us for more information.
*Se habla Español*
Projector Rentals PDF Print E-mail

Real Image will provide a projector and screen in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area for you.  Projectors are a great way to show off your presentations, slideshows or movies, either for your business or for special occasions such as wedding, anniversaries, birthdays, movie night and more!

Our projectors run off of your laptop, either PC or Mac, or even your iPad.  You can also use them with a DVD player.  We have the cables necessary for any source you may need to use.  And we can even provide the laptop or DVD player if you wish. 

We also provide a free-standing screen for free with the rental of a projector.  The screen size is 5 feet wide, and variable height.                                 

Projector rentals cost $75/day (plus tax) for the Epson PowerLite S1+ (1400 lumens):

Or $90/day (plus tax) for the Epson PowerLite X12 (2800 lumens). 


We can also provide Bose speakers for $25/day.  We are located on Albuquerque's west side, near the Target on Coors.  Contact us for more information.

 *Se habla Español*



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