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At Real Image, we pride ourselves in our meticulous attention to every detail and our dedication to customer satisfaction.




Once you contact us, we will meet with you and lay out your specific requirements for your wedding day. We will attend your rehearsal so we can study the venue and determine camera positions, sound and lighting, and make sure we are as unobtrusive as possible while still getting the shots we need. We will work closely with you and your family, your officiator, wedding planner, photographer, DJ, and any other people who are involved in organizing your special day to make sure we don’t miss a single detail.

Our editing style is powerful yet elegant…vivid and full of emotion. Music overlays, natural audio, and voice-overs are used to enhance the story. The camera work is focused on capturing special moments in a dramatic and artistic fashion.


                                            Every couple's wedding day is a one-of-a-kind affair that can never be recreated.  This is why it is vital to capture this once in a lifetime event on video to be seen by generations to come.

We guarantee that you are going to love our finished product, from the opening montage, where we artfully recap the day’s events, to a graceful closing that captures the spirit of your day.

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For tips on how to choose a wedding videographer, click on this LINK (used with author's permission)

We are proud of our work and think it speaks for itself.  Click HERE for a collection of our Wedding Highlights Videos.